It seems that the use of the distribution feature in the graph section of strategy performance of ninja is a great tool to see where the bad trades are hiding during the trading period
and most of the times it is more than once a day.

Would there be a possibility of an upgrade just for that feature to have at least 3 time breaks for the autotrader, it would improve the trading profits enormously

I wrote about this before and Tom has already a script started to get the handle on this

Maybe you can talk to Woodie about this and have a look for yourself as well at the distribution graph and how it can help scanning out the bad trading times in a very easy way

let me know



John, very nice of you to mention again . Yes Tom has this on his list of future upgrades and I will certainly have a look and mention to Woodie in case he has not looked closely at this.

have a great evening,

Tim P

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